Supply of air conditioners: We only acquire quality aircons from brands that provide good after sales service.
Installations: We install aircons according to specification. If required, we can assist in relocating existing aircons.

Services: To ensure that the warranty of the unit remains valid, regular servicing is required. The owner is liable for any cost incurred for the installation and maintenance of the air conditioner, as the product warranty does not cover any of these costs. The lifespan of an air conditioner can be increased with regular maintenance. We recommend that an aircon is serviced every 6 or 12 months.


An aircon service includes:
Cleaning of indoor unit and filters.
Cleaning of outdoor unit and coil with coil cleaner.
Check gas pressure and add gas when required.
Check that air conditioner works on heating and cooling.

A service excludes:
Replacing any faulty parts.
Repair of any gas leaks
Repairs: We offer troubleshooting services for defective or faulty aircons. A quotation will be available on completion of fault finding to repair unit/units. A call out fee will be charged.

Maintenance: For units in high corrosive environments we recommend Bluchem Anti-Corrosion Treatments. Corrosion can accelerate exponentially and lead to loss of heat exchange capacity and ultimately, failure of the system. Bluchem treatment is an optional extra that are included in our quotes.

In Addition To Coil Treatment We Offer:
Panel treatment which is a clear acrylic UV resistant coating which is applied to both sides of the panels.
Stainless screws replacement.
PC board protection with an industrial anti-static clear protection.
Please feel free to contact us if you require any additional information.